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Elementary School

Why should you choose WCS for your Student?

WCS Elementary Students are taught in all classes by Christian teachers who are invested in each student’s success. Kind, caring teachers enable all students to learn for academic success. Our teachers give individualized instruction and tutoring after school if necessary so that no child is left behind. We also teach patriotism through daily flag salutes and other activities. Student's are taught to understand current trends in society and filter them through a biblical world view. WCS strives to integrate biblical principles into all subject areas. They learn the Bible in chapel as well as scripture memorization. Our students learn to develop friendships throughout all grade levels. Lastly, WCS teachers help students understand and build positive character traits through monthly assemblies, activities, and in the classroom.

What sets WCS Elementary apart from other schools?

Offered along with the core subjects are enrichment courses of physical education, computer, music, art, and drama, which enable students to build confidence, strengthen good behavior, and build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Classroom Curriculum


We use BJU Press curriculum for all our classes K-12th grade. The curriculum empowers Christian educators to have an impact on the world for Christ. Their mission is to produce Christian educational materials with academic excellence from a biblical worldview. You can read more about the BJU Press curriculum by visiting

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