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Why should you choose Wilton Christian Preschool for your preschooler?

Preschool helps children develop a foundation for a lifetime of learning. At WCP your child will start their journey of learning through many age appropriate activities. We pride ourselves in taking the time to make sure each child is developing and mastering their skills intellectually and socially, so that when your child enters Kindergarten they will have the confidence they need to continue their learning journey.

What sets WCP apart from other preschools?

WCP is not a daycare, we run the preschool like a regular school. We teach the kids how to behave and learn as if they were attending Kindergarten.

Classroom Curriculum


We use a variety of learning tools to help our preschool achieve their fullest potential intellectually and socially. We use a Christian based program which includes Bible stories that teaches your child good character qualities and how to be a great student.

Licence # 343615836

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