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What is your calling? 

Wilton Christian School is a fantastic place to serve. What makes it so amazing is our people! We encourage each faculty, staff and administrative employee to use and develop the gifts that God has given them. Below is a list of four qualities that we are seeking. Please take a minute to learn more about what it means to be a WCS Patriot.

Sincerely Called

We seek those who are called by God and understand the big picture of ministry, how each person’s role is unique and valued. It is the motivating factor that pushes us to go the extra mile and invest ourselves in the mission of the school.

Spiritually Mature

We seek those with a personal, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ exhibited through the fruits of the spirit, an active church life, and a commitment to live a biblical lifestyle.

Specifically Prepared

We seek those who have specifically prepared themselves for serving in the Christian school through education, licensure, and experience. Proper preparation is an affirmation on the calling that one has received as well as a positive testimony in the community that WCS seeks the most qualified candidates possible.

Suitable Fit

We’re looking for those who will seamlessly assimilate themselves into what makes us a unique place to serve. Words and phrases used to describe our work place culture include... (fill me in)

Are you a Wilton Christian Patriot?

If you answered “yes” to the statements above, please... (fill me in)

Current Positions

- Elementary Teacher (FULL TIME)

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- Math Teacher (PART TIME)

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- After School Care Staff (PART TIME)

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- Substitute Teacher (ON CALL)

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