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Why should you choose WCS for your Kindergartener?

Kindergarten is such an important stage in the life of your little one. WCS classes are small which means your child will not be left behind in our interactive, and fun-filled learning environment. Your child will get the help they need to excel from the very beginning such as in reading. We are proud of the fact that our Literacy Rate is 100% of those exiting kindergarten. Your child will be equipped to succeed moving forward into elementary.

What sets WCS Kindergarten apart from other schools?

A characteristic that sets WCS apart from many other schools is the fact that our Kindergarten is all day. There is no need for you to set up a child care for the first or second part of the day because our Kindergarten starts and ends with the rest of the elementary. This means your child will have plenty of time to learn and play. Your child will also have the opportunity to participate in fine arts through singing and acting as well as physical education.

Classroom Curriculum


We use BJU Press curriculum for all our classes K-12th grade. The curriculum empowers Christian educators to have an impact on the world for Christ. Their mission is to produce Christian educational materials with academic excellence from a biblical worldview. You can read more about the BJU Press curriculum by visiting

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