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Our History

Wilton Christian School started in 1972 as a ministry of Wilton Bible Church.  The church wanted to provide the families that attended the church, as well as the community families, with a Christian education.  The school started out as an ACE school. WCS grew and flourished throughout the 1980's and into the 1990's.

In the early 1990's the school population had grown so much that a new high school wing was built to facilitate all the students. It was also during this time that Wilton gained its reputation of fielding competitive teams that strove to display Christlike sportsmanship.  In 2006 Wilton Christian School converted over to the conventional classroom.  All classes are taught by a qualified faculty member.  Throughout the decades of educating students, many things have changed.  But the one thing that has not changed is that WCS remains a place where students can gain a quality Christian education from a loving staff that strives to do all that it can to help students learn and flourish.

Our Mission

Wilton Christian School exists to assist parents in their God-given mandate to raise their children in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord” by providing a Bible-based, academically sound education and environment directed towards training students to be well-equipped servants of Jesus Christ. We do that by...

  • Sharpening Minds

    1. Students will be able to read and listen with understanding and comprehension and be able to develop clear, creative, and concise verbal and written skills.

    2. Students will apply, identify, compute, and understand both science and mathematical concepts.

    3. Students will demonstrate individual and group problem solving and critical thinking skills.

    4. Students will learn how to use technology to access, discern, and communicate information.

    5. Students will integrate skills between subjects.

    6. Students will participate in fine arts.

  • Transforming Hearts

    1. Students will have the opportunity to receive Christ as his/her own personal Savior, leading to a transformed life as a new creature in Christ.

    2.  Students will understand that the Bible is the Word of God, the basis of truth and the guide for everyday living.

    3. Students will seek to glorify God and grow in love for Him.

    4.  Students will understand and practice the scriptural process for problem solving and conflict management.

  • Ambassador

    1. Students will be actively involved in the Christian community and use their time, talents, and treasure (money) to further the mission of Christ and the church. 

    2. Students possess a good reputation as consistent follower of Jesus Christ. 

    3. Students will possess a basic knowledge of the Bible and an ability to apply Biblical truth to life.

    4. Students will understand that sharing the truth of Jesus is the most important mission in life.

  • Responsible

    1.  Students will demonstrate responsibility as citizens of the school community.

    2. Students will adopt effective study skills.

    3. Students will practice responsible use of technology, including social media.

  • Strong Bodies

    1. Students will develop their motor skills, mobility, and endurance as stewards of the body God has given.

    2. Students will recognize personal cleanliness and heathy dietary habits.

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